Rooted in Research

April 2021 Rooted in Research Webinar

The PHiLL Project – How a grassroots management problem became a collaborative research study across three National Forests

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 12:30 – 1:30 PM EST

Lauren Pile, Research Ecologist

Chad Menke, Forest Hydrologist, Hoosier National Forest

Over the past few years, National Forests (NFs) in Region 9 have been engaging in a dialog about the most effective ways to promote pollinator habitat on log landings. The Hoosier NF began experimenting with different approaches to reduce compaction from heavy equipment. While successful on some sites, they were unable to find a consistent prescription to achieve desired results. After a meeting of the minds from a diverse array of specialists in NFS and R&D, the PHiLL (Pollinator Habitat in Log Landings) Project was initiated on the Hoosier, Shawnee, and Mark Twain NFs including an interdisciplinary team of R&D researchers. This presentation will highlight the collaborative commencement of the project, its design and measures of success, and steps moving forward.

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