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Urban Natural Resources Stewardship


The U.S. Forest Service Urban Field Stations have developed two tools that can substantially improve outcomes for natural resource management and stewardship:

  • STEW-MAP: Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project –social, spatial & network data / stewardship group inventory
  • Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) - High-resolution landcover data / biophysical inventory

These tools can be used separately, but are especially powerful when combined.  STEW-MAP inherently promotes coordination, collaboration, and synergies among organizations, while UTC can help improve the extent of tree cover by conserving existing trees and planting new ones – trees promote social, economic, and environmental benefits.  Used separately or together, these tools are essential foundational components to understanding any urban landscape, and building an urban field station investment in any new location.

Last Modified: 01/05/2018