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Urban Natural Resources Stewardship

Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

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The following research describes various aspects of the Urban Tree Canopy suite of tools, including Assessment, Prioritization, Marketing, and Change:

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Technical Guide

Raciti, S.; Galvin, M. F.; Grove, J. M.; O'Neil-Dunne, J. P. M.; Todd, A.; Clagett, S. 2006. Urban Tree Canopy Goal Setting: A Guide for Chesapeake Bay Communities, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern State & Private Forestry, Chesapeake Bay Program Office, Annapolis, Md.

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Locke, D. H.; O’Neil-Dunne, J. P. M.; Galvin, M. G.l Grove, M. J. 2014. Increasing Urban Tree Canopy: A Suite of Geographic Information System Tools. 2014 Clark University GIS Week Poster Session. November 21, 2014. (15 mb pdf)

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