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Urban Natural Resources Stewardship

Environmental Justice

Economically deprived neighborhoods are often the sites of polluting industries and toxic waste disposal. Northern Research Station (NRS) scientists are studying the ways that urban plantings can help to mitigate some of these effects. In addition, the NRS is a major player in the National Science Foundation’s Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) in the Long-Term Ecosystem Research Program. Scientists in this program are comparing various socio-economic and natural resources in two Baltimore neighborhoods---watershed 263, an economically deprived inner city neighborhood in Baltimore City, and Cub Hill, a middle-income suburban neighborhood in Baltimore County.

Selected Research Studies

[photo:] MillionTreesNYC Training Program Participants at Fall 2008 volunteer planting day at Father Macris Park in Staten Island, New York.  Photo credit: Brian Aucoin, New York City Parks & Recreation DepartmentGreen Jobs Training and Employment Result in an Increased Sense of Accomplishment as well as Positive Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in Young Adults
Despite the well-documented benefits of nature on individual socio-psychological well-being, scant research has investigated the effects of working professionally in urban natural resources management.


PhotoBaltimore Ecosystem Study
As part of the BES, the Forest Service has been conducting research and continuous monitoring to evaluate best management practices (BMPs) that can be implemented in urban and suburban landscapes to improve the quality of life for urban residents and to lessen impacts of storm water management on the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, they have conducted a photo narrative survey of local residents and developed a geographic information system (GIS) linking household information, field observation surveys, and photo narrative data. Numerous scientific studies are underway measuring and monitoring many aspects of the urban environment.


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