Communities and Landscapes of the Urban Northeast

Research Focus

Photo by Carlos Alcazar / PixabayAll of the Unit’s research is tied to three dominant and interrelated themes or Research Focus Areas:

Forests & Greenspaces, Stewardship and Engagement, and Human Health and Well-being.

These three focus areas tier toward a unified vision that includes communities that are inviting, livable, socially connected and environmentally equitable, and resilient to extreme events; ecosystems that are made more healthy, functional, and resilient through science-informed management; and economies that thrive based on healthy ecosystem function, the inclusion of waste to wealth initiatives around urban wood, and the training and inclusion of underrepresented groups in the environmental workforce and sustainability leadership.

Within and among these themes, we conduct research and application that address questions such as:

  • What are manager and policy information needs?
  • What knowledge and tools are we producing to fulfill these stakeholder-driven needs? 
  • What value are we delivering to the public? 
  • How are we demonstrating effective collaboration within our Station, across our Agency, and with partners and stakeholders?
  • How do we continue to advance shared stewardship, social-ecological integration, and systems thinking, to solve the 21st century’s most complex sustainability challenges? 

Last Modified: August 6, 2019