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Northern Research Station
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Madison, WI 53726
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Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment

Research Focus

[photo:] Researcher discusses data collection strategies in the fieldOur unit conducts research to help policy makers and managers make decisions that will sustain the mixed hardwood forests of Ohio, Pennsylvania and beyond. This means understanding the ecology of these forests, and the many interacting factors that affect their ability to continue to provide the values and benefits people expect from them. To accomplish this, we study regeneration and forest growth; disturbance regimes such as those associated with deer, wind and fire; invasive species, their control, movement, and impacts; global change and its likely impacts, as well as strategies for adaptation and mitigation. We study management responses to these ecological factors and forces, and develop guidelines to help managers adapt their practices to our research results. We focus on mixed oak, northern, and Allegheny hardwood forests, but our research often has implications beyond the immediate forests that we study. We emphasize appropriate use of long-term research and the use of our two Experimental Forests for research and science delivery. We organize our research into five broad problem areas.

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