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Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment

Our Mission

[photo:] Forest in fall colorsOur mission is to provide basic ecological understanding, management guidelines, and policy-relevant information to sustain forest ecosystems in an environment changing rapidly through the direct and interacting effects of changes in climate, air quality, deer impacts, fire regimes, invasive species, land use, and human values.

Our Research Areas

Our focus is on sustaining biological diversity, economic and ecological productivity, forest health and vitality, and contributions to carbon cycles. Much of our research is conducted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and adjacent states in mixed oak, Allegheny hardwood, and northern hardwood forests, but our work has national and global implications.

Our research approach is to understand and manage: We develop basic ecological understanding through observational and manipulative studies, then develop guidelines that help policy makers and managers sustain these forests.  We focus our research on sustaining forests in a changing environment on five broad problem areas:

Recent Publications

Last Modified: 11/08/2019

Early Alert - Job Opening

Employment Outreach Notice
Research Forester

This is an opportunity to join a highly productive team and solve challenging silvicultural problems of regeneration and stand growth in forests experiencing multiple and often interacting novel disturbances.

Outreach closes 11/18/19

Sustaining Forests
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