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Northern Research Station
11 Campus Blvd., Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 557-4017
(610) 557-4132 TTY/TDD


[image:] artwork representing NorthSTAR

Research Focus

[photo:] City park in Brooklyn with well maintained treesCarbon Science - The NorthSTAR Program finds reliable answers to carbon-related questions and develops the tools that allow users to use their own information to produce customized, scientifically credible reports detailing future forest conditions and recommendations.


[photo:] Shelterwood in northern hardwoods two years after treatmentDecision Support - Northern Research Station scientists are developing tools to help forest managers understand what is happening now with their forests and evaluate future options that meet their management objectives.


[photo:] Students from Harlem Link Charter School on a nature walk through Central Park- photo by Mark TweryEnvironmental Literacy - Nationwide, organizations and agencies are restructuring environmental education programs to reach past traditional activities that increase environmental awareness towards activities and programs that actually affect change. Research has a role to play in this effort.


[photo:] Forest Service Chief leading 3rd graders on exploration of nature in a city park. Photo by Mark Twery USFS-NRSUrban Natural Resources - Northern Research Station scientists are developing tools and information that help community planners quantify the value of trees and open space and make decisions that protect them.


Last Modified: 01/19/2011