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Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies

People & Places

Name Title Location Telephone
Donner, DeahnProject Leader / Research EcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1146
Bolduc, PatriciaAdministrative Support AssistantRhinelander, WI
Bronson, DustinResearch Plant PhysiologistRhinelander, WI
Flory, JoelWildlife BiologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1116
Fossen, MichaelForestry TechnicianRhinelander, WI
Gustafson, Eric J.Research Landscape EcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1152
Hak, JohnBiological ScientistRhinelander, WI
Margenau, EricPost-DocRhinelander, WI
Miranda, BrianEcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1186
Paul, TimothySupport Services SpecialistRhinelander, WI715-362-1141
Quigley, Kathleen Research EcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1151
Reese, Gordon Research EcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1171
Rogers, ElizabethPathways InternRhinelander, WI
Sturtevant, Brian R.Research EcologistRhinelander, WI715-362-1105
Suvada, Jeff Biological Science TechnicianRhinelander, WI
Vinhal, RyanBiological Science TechnicianRhinelander, WI715-362-1196
Wiese, AdamForestry TechnicianRhinelander, WI715-362-1126
Zalesny Jr., Ronald S.Supervisory Research Plant GeneticistRhinelander, WI715-362-1132

Affliated Staffmembers

Scientists Institution Location
Thomas Brussel Portland State University Rhinelander, WI
Andre Pilipović University of Novi Sad (Serbia) Rhinelander, WI
Heather Stricker University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Rhinelander, WI
Brent DeBauche Missouri University of Science and Technology Rhinelander, WI
Graduate Students    
Elizabeth Rogers University of Missouri Columbia, MO
Ryan Vinhal University of Missouri Columbia, MO
Last updated on: June 23, 2020