Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies

Advance renewable energy sources and pollution remediation through short rotation woody crop production systems

[photo:] Example of short rotation poplars grown for energy, fiber, and phytotechnologies.  Photo by Ron Zalensy, US Forest Service Northern Research Station.Attention to scaling concepts reveals powerful emerging relationships between energy, forestry and agriculture. At the same time, concerns have emerged about the ability of the landscape to produce sufficient biomass to serve as a replacement feedstock for oil. Our research includes the genetics and benefits of bioenergy plantations and the patterns of tree and forest adaptation to climate change.

Developing phytoremediation and other phytotechnologies for ecosystem recovery, remediation, and restoration along the urban to rural continuum

Refining silvicultural methods to provide ecosystem services such as optimal biomass productivity of hybrid poplar and willow across variable site and climate conditions

Last updated on: April 22, 2021

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