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Forest Inventory and Analysis

Forest Inventory and Analysis

Forest cover about 30 percent of the land or 177 million acres across the northern United States from North Dakota to Maine and Kansas to Delaware. We continuously inventory and monitor these forests at multiple scales to provide information to scientists, public and private forest managers, policy-makers, and the public. Information on the status, condition, and trends in forest vitality and sustainability is crucial for improving the health of forest ecosystems and the people that depend on them. Forest assessments cover such diverse attributes as changing land use, forest fragmentation, wildlife habitat, invasive pests and plants, and variations in forest dynamics.

We develop comprehensive monitoring tools that provide detailed information to address the myriad of issues associated with the region’s forests. In addition to forest inventory, we survey woodland owners annually to identify their changing needs, intentions, and concerns for their forests. We include estimation of carbon stocks and flows to provide a more holistic view of forests from standing trees to soils and down woody material. This information is important for understanding the impacts of climate change. We also survey timber products output to better evaluate the relationship between timber markets and the composition and structure of our evolving forests.

Last Modified: 11/27/2007