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Carbon Cycle Science Research

High Performance Computing for Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences

[image:] some of the components that are part of the High Performance Computing Center in East LansingTo support of the Northern Research Station’s fire-weather, air quality, and climate modeling programs, a high performance computing (HPC) environment has been established at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Lansing, MI.  The HPC environment includes multiple Linux-based computer clusters, mass storage devices, and web servers that together provide the computational infrastructure for carrying out and delivering local, regional, and global scale numerical simulations of fire-weather, air quality, fire-fuel-atmosphere interactions, climate, and climate variability.  Example applications of the HPC environment include the generation of daily 24-48 hour predictions of fire-weather indices over the north central and northeastern U.S., the transport of smoke from prescribed fires in the north central and northeastern U.S., and the development of global and regional climate scenarios.

For more information, please contact Warren Heilman.

Last Modified: 01/27/2009