Ecological and Economic Sustainability of the Appalachian Forest in an Era of Globalization

Research Focus

Shipping containers at a port are filled with lumber ready for shipment to foreign markets where they will be processed into a variety of value-added products.Because Appalachian hardwoods have for decades been considered the highest quality of hardwoods, numerous wood manufacturers established in the region; they form an important part of our central Appalchian landscape. Globalization of markets affects the rural landscapes of the central Appalachians by shifting the demand for agricultural and manufacturing products in ways that affect the demographics and community welfare within the region.

Factors such as cheap labor and overhead costs make foreign production and outsourcing increasingly attractive and/or necessary to many domestic forest product manufacturers. But domestic manufacturers possess some strengths of their own that will lead to competitive and comparative advantages; our research identifies opportunities for domestic manufacturers to leverage these strengths.

Selected Research Summaries


Last Modified: January 7, 2021