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Sustainability of the Appalachian Forest

Research Focus

The forests of the United States are influenced by many factors, including changes in land use patterns and ownerships, climates, markets, and the globalization of economies. Scientific information is needed to sustainably manage these ecosystems, particularly the diverse and econmically valuable forests of the Appalchian region.

Focus Areas

[image:] collage of weir house and watershed during 4 seasons.  Photo by : Naomi BatesEcosystem Structure and Processes

Discover and disseminate knowledge of forest management, silviculture, forest product economies and markets, and efficient resource utilization. Deliver tools and recommendations to enable partners and customers to better sustain forests for a variety of outcomes, products, and uses.

[image:] trees blown over during a windstorm, showing the shallow root zoneEcosystem Responses to Disturbance

There is a strong need to predict the effects of an ever-growing suite of disturbances on ecosystem processes and properties.

[image:] pile of hardwood logs in the forest awaiting loading on to log truckForest Products

The heavily forested Appalachian region provides important recreational uses, ecosystem services, emerging energy sources (fossil, wood, and biofuels) and traditional forest products.

[image:] photo of the earth from spaceMarkets & Globalization

The effects of globalization on the hardwood product manufacturing industry are wide-ranging and dynamic. Nearly 60 percent of wood furniture sold in the United States is now imported from overseas.

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