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Ecological and Economic Sustainability of the Appalachian Forest in an Era of Globalization

[photo:] Landscape photo of Mixed hardwood forests of the central Appalachian Region in early  autumn. Photo by Pipa Elias

Located in Parsons and Princeton, West Virginia and Delaware, Ohio we work on problems relating to the sustainability of Appalachian forest ecosystems and related economies in a changing world.  We develop tools and new knowledge to promote efficient, sustainable management of these forests in the following ways:

[image:] bulleted item By providing guidelines for managing these forests to sustain the productivity and diversity of the soil, water, and forest resources

[image:] bulleted item By providing critical information to support diverse forest-based industries and outcomes (e.g., hardwood lumber, tourism, wildlife habitat) that maintain or restore the integrity of forest ecosystem processes (e.g., biological productivity, maintenance of biological diversity).

Globalization and U.S. competitiveness will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the hardwood industry, which in turn affects the management and health of these important forests. Research can provide information, analysis, tools, and other assistance to the wood-products industry, landowners, government policymakers, land managers, and citizens to help sustain healthy, productive, and viable forests and communities within the region.

In addition we manage the Fernow Experimental Forest for long-term silvicultural, hydrologic, and ecological research.

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Appalachian Forests:
Fernow Experimental Forest
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A series of video tutorials for landowners, teachers and others interested in environmentally responsible woodlot management. Online video contains all nine episodes listed below

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