Contact: Scott Thomasma

Authors: Peter D. Knopp and Mark Twery

Stewplan (Forest Stewardship Plan) is a Windows program that helps resource professionals develop a Landowner Forest Management Plan. It was developed as part of the forest stewardship program sponsored by the US Forest Service and state forestry agencies. The program generates preformatted reports that can summarize planned activities through time and across stands within a property. These reports can be useful in explaining a management plan to a landowner. They are also accepted by some state forest management agencies as part of a package when applying for a current-use tax abatement. The reports generated by StewPlan can be exported and adapted to a user’s needs in a word processing program if needed.

The relationship between StewPlan and NED-3

[image:] Artwork representing NEDCurrently, StewPlan is a stand-alone program that requires you to enter the essential stewardship components directly into the program. NED-3 can be used to generate data analysis, goal selection, and management planning details that can be manually incorporated into Stewplan. Version 1.3 is available for download.

Future development of StewPlan

StewPlan was developed in 2003 and although it still works and still produces relevant output, there is presently no one continuing to develop or support the program.

Documentation and Downloads file size
StewPlan (Self-extracting zip file) 2.3 mb

  • Last modified: March 3, 2021