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About Spec2Harv - Spectrum to Harvest

Contact: Eric Gustafson

Spec2Harv was developed to automate the conversion of harvest schedules generated by the Spectrum model into script files that can be used by the HARVEST simulation model to simulate the implementation of the Spectrum schedules in a spatially explicit way.

Spectrum produces output files that include the acres to be treated with various timber harvest methods by Analysis Unit over the time period of the planning horizon. If the Analysis Units are designed to coincide with Management Areas (MA) and forest types (FT), the output can be converted into the parameters that HARVEST requires for spatial simulation. This conversion is not trivial because Spectrum produces treatment prescriptions for each Analysis Unit over all time periods in a single record, while HARVEST sequentially implements all treatments for all Analysis Units (MA and FT combinations) within each time period.

Spec2Harv was designed to automate the conversion process. Algorithms were developed to interpret the Spectrum output and to automatically create a HARVEST script file. Script files eliminate the need to manually specify the harvest parameters for each Analysis Unit, saving time and reducing the risk of typographical errors. Because Spec2Harv is designed to produce input files for the HARVEST model, the user should be familiar with the HARVEST v6.1 User’s Guide (Gustafson and Rasmussen 2002), which can be found at

Spec2Harv was written by Luke Rasmussen in Fortran 95 using the Winteracter Windows libraries. Larry Leefers, Eric Gustafson, Phil Freeman and Luke Rasmussen developed the conceptual design.

Installation Instructions

Click the link below to copy Spec2Harv .zip to your hard drive. You may wish to create a new directory for the program, or put it in one where you wish to use Spec2Harv.

  1. Uncompress the file. This is a self-extracting file.
  2. The following files should be found following this operation:

    Spec2Harv.exe The Spec2Harv program
    Help.html Online help file
    Spec2Harv .doc The user documentation (the document you are now reading)
    Template files FTLookup.dbf
    Defaults.txt File to store user-defined default values for HARVEST parameters
  3. To run Spec2Harv, double click on the file Spec2Harv.exe.

 Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
Spec2Harv 1.0 self-extracting zip file (787 kb) exe
Spec2Harv 1.0 User's Guide (480 kb -This document is in PDF format. You can obtain a free PDF reader from Adobe.) pdf

Last Modified: 03/30/2015