SILVAH 8 - Decision support for managers of Allegheny hardwood and mixed oak ecosystems

Pat Brose and Scott A. Thomasma

[image:] Allegheny Hardwood Forest

SILVAH-8 provides the user the ability to select a desired future forest type, estimate survival and success of existing tree reproduction, integrate the stocking contribution of future stump sprouts, and predict future stand composition at the onset of the stem exclusion stage.  Users of SILVAH-8 will need to use the new Overstory & Understory Inventory Tally Sheets and Stand Information Sheet (pdf links below) when conducting their forest inventories.  Users may also find the User Guide to SILVAH 6.2 and the Overstory Data Entry Shortcuts (pdf links below) helpful when entering inventory data although some parts of both documents have been revised since their initial publication.

Documentation and Downloads

Document file size
Download SILVAH-8, version (exe file- may require user to obtain administrative privileges to install) - Revised December 16, 2021 7.9 mb
User's Guide to SILVAH 6.2 1.9 mb
SILVAH Overstory Data Entry shortcuts (pdf) 21 kb
Stand Information Sheet  

Tally Sheets (pdfs)

  • Last modified: December 16, 2021