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Rough Mill Simulator - ROMI

Contact: Ed Thomas

[image:] drawing of four round sawblades The Rough MIll simulator (ROMI Version 4.0) is a computer software package for personal computers (PCs) that simulates current industrial practices for rip-first, chop-first, and rip and chop-first lumber processing. ROMI 4.0 accepts cutting bills with as many as 600 solid and/or panel part sizes.  Plots of boards processed are easily viewed or printed as are detailed summaries of processing data (number of rips and crosscuts) and yields for each grade.  ROMI 4.0 optimization algorithms are based on a red oak database containing 3,500 boards of all common National Hardwood Lumber Association grades. Even though ROMI is based on red oak, the digitized board information can be adapted and modified to several other common hardwood species.


Version 4.0 of the ROMI (Rough MIll Simulator) is the latest in a series of rough mill simulation programs developed by the U.S. Forest Service in cooperation with the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).  The ROMI4.0 installation CD contains sample runs, all required programs, and the publication “1998 Data Bank for Kiln-Dried Red Oak Lumber” (Gatchell et al. 1998), which includes nearly 3,500 digitized boards.  A digitized board is a board with dimensions and defects expressed in x/y coordinates, e.g., a digital representation of the actual board.  A custom data file creation utility included in the software package allows users to create board samples that correspond to their specific lumber supply.  ROMI 4.0 processes the board data according to users’ processing specifications.  Outputs, including part counts and yields, graphical plots of boards processed, and processing requirements are available for each simulation run.  This manual shows users how to install and run ROMI 4.0, as well as how to design simulations to answer questions related to rough mill processing.


The ROMI 4.0 simulator incorporates the simulation modes rip-first, chop-first, and rip and chop-first into a single program.  Thus, ROMI 4.0 officially replaces all previous versions of the ROMI 3.0 ROugh-MIll Simulator (Thomas and Weiss 2006), the ROMI-RIP 2.0 (Thomas 1999), and ROMI-CROSS (Thomas 1997) computer programs.  ROMI 4.0 can import all settings and cutting bills from these earlier simulators. Like earlier versions, ROMI 4.0 can produce parts of different quality specifications to simulate the production of clear-two-face (C2F), clear-one-face (C1F), and sound-two-face (S2F) parts.  ROMI 4.0 also can handle different predefined part grades and includes the Least-Cost-Grade Mix feature (Buehlmann et al. 2011, Zou et al. 2004).
The ROMI 4.0 simulator incorporates several new tools that improve user capabilities to accurately simulate and improve rough mill operations while simplifying the simulation process. The core functions and routines remain similar to the previous version for practiced users.  Versions up to ROMI 3.0 were optimized for computer operating systems up to Windows™ XP. ROMI 4.0 received a new installation routine that is now compatible with Windows™ 7.  The improvements will allow an easier setup, improved performance, and better analysis of the simulation’s output data.

ROMI 4.0 also includes several additional new features, such as a thickness option, a combined rip and chop-option, and predefined grades for part qualities rules. These features give the users more options to simulate specific rough mill operation settings and optimize output.  Also, implementation and update of the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s 2011 grading rules (NHLA 2011) was part of this updated version of ROMI 4.0 as were improvements and verifications of the optimization algorithms.

System Requirements

Windows XP or Windows 7

An IBM Compatible PC with a 1.0 GHz Pentium IV processor or newer
512 MB of RAM
200 MB hard drive space available
Microsoft Windows™ 2000/XP/Windows7™ 1
CD-ROM drive (for installation from a ROMI 4.0 CD-ROM)
Internet connection (for installation via download)
Printer (optional but recommended)

1Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Windows7 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

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