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Gordon M. Heisler, Lee P. Herrington, Yingjie Wang

[image:] A visual design module in OUTCOMES permits tree shade patterns to be plotted for any latitude and longitude and date and time.  Tree crowns are assumed to be ellipsoidal in shape. Trees modify air temperature, solar and thermal radiation exchanges, wind, and humidity of the air, and all of these influence human comfort. We have developed a computer program to predict human-comfort and evaluate the impact of trees on comfort. The program, OUTCOMES (OUTdoor COMfort Expert System), is a Windows® program that was written with the goal of providing an easy to use interface and ample on-screen help. OUTCOMES shows the shade pattern of a tree and calculates a human comfort index considering the full range of weather variables, the density of a tree that shades a person, and other features of the surrounding neighborhood. The current version of OUTCOMES is available below for evaluation and comment.

The initial version of OUTCOMES, described above, provides an estimate of human thermal comfort in one location and for one time for each run of the program. For advanced users, we also developed a "batch" version of OUTCOMES that can input a file with weather data for any number of times and predict comfort at one location for all of the times with a single run of the program. OUTCOMES Batch is especially intended to work with Typical Meteorological Year data that is available free for 239 cities in the United Sates and Puerto Rico. OUTCOMES Batch was originally devised by Yingjie Wang to test the algorithms in OUTCOMES, and modules are included to do systematic sensitivity analyses and Monte Carlo analyses of the effect of input errors. To use OUTCOMES Batch, download the OUTCOMES file (available below) and extract the contents to a directory or folder of your choosing. The Readme.pdf file, which is included in the .zip file, will explain use of the program. Reports of either successful or unsuccessful use of either of the OUTCOMES programs, and suggestions for improvement will be appreciated; email

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