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Online Tools

Tool Description
Alien Forest Pest Explorer Alien Forest Pest Explorer is a portal for the exploration of spatial and biological data relating to non-indigenous forest pests. It can be used to generate customized reports that provide a brief description of the pest and a map depicting state and county distribution. Currently, the Explorer contains data for 90 forest pests (75 insect and 15 pathogen species) in the US.
Carbon Tools This site is maintained as a portal for carbon inventory, management, and reporting tools in which our scientists have participated.
Climate Change Atlas

Examine distributions of current and modeled future habitat quality for many individual tree species within the eastern United States. Explore regional species summary tables to see how tree species habitat quality may change.Changing forests influence habitat for wildlife species that depend on them. The current and modeled incidence of many common bird species is presented in the accompanying Climate Change Bird Atlas.

Climate Change Resource Center This website features science-based climate change information and tools intended to assist resource managers with ecosystem management decisions. It provides original, short, peer reviewed syntheses of climate change adapatation and mitigation strategies for forests and wildlands. The site also offers a range of decision-support models, maps, simulations, case studies, basic science modules and toolkits.
Eastern Area Modeling Consortium Real Time Fire Weather Model Maps Maps are derived from atmosphere mesoscale model output. Forty eight hours of output on four (4) domains is available: 1) a 36km domain covering the contiguous United States; 2) a 12km domain covering the North Central and Northeastern states; 3) a 4km domain covering New England (4km East); 4) a 4km domain covering the Lake States (4km West). Two simulations are performed each day for the 36km and 12km domains, initialized from observations at 0000 and 1200 UTC. The 4km domains are run once per day starting 24 hours after the 0000 UTC observations. Output time indicates the time for which the model output is valid. Model output from the last 2-3 weeks should be available at all times.
Forests of the Northern Forest Inventory & Analysis Program Dashboard

Forests of the Northern Forest Inventory & Analysis Program (NRS-FIA) is a dashboard allowing users to more easily access, explore, and visualize FIA data and findings.  “A picture is worth a thousand words” and the interactive nature of dashboards provides a depth of delivery that cannot be matched by current hard copy or pdf publications. 

Northern Forest Management Guides This site contains updated management guides for Lake States tree species. The guides are designed for a wide range of users and provide general forestry background and specific tree growth and stand management standards. The red pine guide is available now and guides for other species are being prepared.


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