NED-3 Ecosystem Management Decision Support

Authors: Mark Twery and Scott A. Thomasma

Contact: Scott Thomasma


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NED 3 has many similarities with its predecessor program NED-2 (no longer available) but also has many improvements. It runs simulations much faster and works with all of the latest variants of Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), which can be updated by the user as new ones are released. NED-3 also allows the user choices of board foot volume equations, including the ability to enter their own volume table. The report generation interface has been revised substantially to make it easier to use and to keep using a standard set of reports.  NED-3 now incorporates SILVAH-7, a sister program created by the Northern Research Station that can provide expert-based prescriptions for timber management of a stand. There are now four different wildlife habitat evaluation models built into NED-3 for a wider area of applicability, according to the user’s request. NED-3 also can link to an Excel-based tool, ForGATE, to provide a life-cycle analysis of carbon from the forest and forest products.

One of the pieces of NED-3 that was not completed is the help system. Because almost all of the former version’s help system is still accurate, though the interface has changed slightly, the “NED-2” online help system is made available as part of the NED-3 installation files.  In addition, material contained in the help system are available in two publications, a printed NED-2 user's guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the software and a separate NED-2 reference guide (available in PDF format only) with detailed explanations of the models, equations, and rules that underlie the software.

Paper tally sheets are available for NED-3, at the bottom of this page under Documentation and Downloads. On some of the tally sheet pages, not all NED-3 variables are shown due to space limitations. Download the Excel version of the tally sheets if you would like to substitute variables or make other modifications. A companion PDF version is available that will handle most inventory situations.

Documentation and Downloads file size
NED-3 - Version –
Released March 3, 2021
(may require user to obtain administrative privileges to install, Forest Service users may need to "run elevated")
97 mb
NED-3 Draft User's Manual 2.8 mb
NED-2 User's Guide  
NED-2 Reference Guide  


NED Contributors

The list of contributors for NED‐2 is large and includes members from state and federal agencies, universities, and private industry. The list includes practicing foresters, wildlife biologists, landscape architects, hydrologists, and more. Development of NED‐2 began with the formation of the following core team that consisted of representatives from each of several resource committees, as well as, several software developers. The original core team met two to three times annually to work out the details of NED‐2.  

Original NED core team members included the following:

  • Deborah Bennett, Biologist, Northeastern Research Station
  • Robert Bridges, Assistant Director, Northern Research Station, Retired
  • Helene Cleveland, Forester, Allegheny National Forest
  • David DeCalesta, Research Wildlife Biologist, Northeastern Research Station, Retired
  • Morgan Grove, Research Forester, Northern Research Station
  • Eric Gustafson, Research Landscape Ecologist, Northern Research Station
  • Robin Hoffman, Landscape Architect, State University of New York (SUNY) College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry
  • Jim Hornbeck, Research Hydrologist, Northeastern Research Station, Retired
  • R. Peter Kollasch, Computer Specialist, Northeastern Research Station
  • Neil Lamson, Research Forester, Northeastern Research Station, Retired
  • Donald Nute, Professor of Philosophy, University of Georgia, Retired
  • James F. Palmer, Landscape Architect, SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Retired
  • H. Michael Rauscher, Research Forester, Southern Research Station, Retired
  • Susan Stout, Research Forester, Northern Research Station

Early contributors to the NED development project included the following:

  • David A. Marquis, Research Silviculturist, Northeastern Research Station, Retired - We are most indebted for his vision and energy that conceived the project and sustained its early development.  
  • Clay Smith, Research Silviculturist, Northeastern Research Station, Deceased
  • Laura Alban, Forester, SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry
  • Tom Schuler, Research Forester, Northern Research Station
  • Brian Simpson, Forester, Northern Research Station
  • Max McFadden, Assistant Director, Northeastern Research Station, Retired

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