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NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile

Peter D. Knopp and Mark J. Twery

image - logo for NED softwareNEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile is software that enables field data collection on handheld computers using Windows CE/Mobile, with automatic data transfer into NED for analysis and subsequent prescription development.  You can transfer data to/from the handheld without NED software, but you must have NED-1 or a newer version of NED software to analyze the data using NED. 

NEDLite is also available for the Palm OS.

Required Windows CE/Mobile Handheld Hardware and Software

[image:] Windows CE/Mobile device with NEDLite software displayNEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile will run on a variety of hardware, including the Juniper Systems Allegro MX, and Archer, as well as other manufacturers.  The handheld must be running Windows CE.Net 4.2 or newer, or Windows Mobile 4.2 or newer, or PocketPC 2003 or newer.  These are all names of the handheld operating system that Microsoft has used over the years.  

The handheld must also be running the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework, version 2.0 sp1 or newer.  This is also provided with the installation, but may require some effort to install manually if you have a newer unit that does not already have the compact framework installed.  You can download the .Net Compact Framework for free from Microsoft - version 3.0 is compatible with NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile.

Installation Requirements for NEDLite on Windows CE/Mobile

WARNING – Before installing NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile, you must have Microsoft ActiveSync software, version 4.0 or newer, installed and running on your desktop.  Without this software the NEDLite setup will not successfully complete, nor will you be able to transfer data.
NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile will only install on Windows 2000, service pack 3 or later, as well as any version of Windows XP.  The installation and setup of NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile requires the Microsoft Windows Installer engine, version 3.0 or newer.  You may already have Windows Installer 3.0 if you have Windows XP service pack 2 or newer.  If you aren't sure which version of the windows installer is present on your computer, you may download a small utility program that will verify the current Windows Installer version for you.
You may prefer to install the Windows Installer upgrade first, as a separate step.  If so, download and run the setup for the Windows Installer and then download and run the NEDLite for Windows CE/Mobile setup.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
Setup for Windows Installer - Version 3.0 (2 MB) exe
Setup for NEDLite for Windows CE (54 MB--2009.April.24) exe
Detailed installation instructions for the Windows Mobile/CE version of NEDLite
NEDLite for CE (86 kb - compiled Help system) chm


Quick Installation Instructions

These are brief instructions for performing the installation.  More detailed instructions are available on the link above.

  1. First, you need to have the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework installed on your handheld. It is a free downloadable upgrade from Microsoft. First check the handheld itself. Under programs/settings/system/remove programs you can find a list of installed programs on your handheld. If Microsoft .NET CF 2.0 (or greater) is not included in your list of installed programs, you will need to download and install it. Once you have .NET CF 2.0 installed, proceed to next step.
  2. Download the “Setup for NEDLite for Windows CE” using the link above.
  3. Run the installation with the handheld NOT CONNECTED (due to current bugs with the installation on newer handhelds).
  4. Open "My Computer" in Windows Explorer and find the NEDLite files under C:\Program Files\NED- USDA Forest Service\NEDLite for CE\Setup Files.  Determine whether your handheld has a vertically or horizontally oriented screen, and copy either "" (for Horizontal) or "" (for vertical, or portrait) directly onto your PocketPC.
  5. Then double click on the NEDLite package on the handheld (in the window displayed in Windows Explorer).

Your NEDLite program should now run on the PocketPC, and it should be able to transfer files to the PC via ActiveSync.

Last Modified: 07/14/2015