Mark J. Twery and Scott A. Thomasma

Logo for NED softwareNED 3 has many similarities with NED-2 but also has many improvements. It runs simulations much faster and works with all of the latest variants of FVS, which can be updated by the user as new ones are released. NED-3 also allows the user choices of board foot volume equations, including the ability to enter their own volume table. The report generation interface has been revised substantially to make it easier to use and to keep using a standard set of reports.  NED-3 now incorporates SILVAH, a sister program created by the Northern Research Station that can provide expert-based prescriptions for timber management of a stand. There are now four different wildlife habitat evaluation models built into NED-3 for a wider area of applicability, according to the user’s request. NED-3 also links with ForGATE, an external program that provides a life-cycle analysis of carbon from the forest and forest products. There are additional features of NED-3 still being developed.

One of the pieces of NED-3 still not complete is the help system. Much of the NED-2 help system is still accurate, though the interface may have changed somewhat. The full online help system from NED-2 can be linked from the NED-3 software. In addition, material contained in the help system are available in two publications, a printed NED-2 user's guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the software and a separate NED-2 reference guide (available in PDF format only) with detailed explanations of the models, equations, and rules that underlie the software.

Paper tally sheets are available for NED-3, at the bottom of this page under Documents and Downloads. On some of the tally sheet pages, not all NED-3 variables are shown due to space limitations. Download the Excel version of the tally sheets if you would like to substitute variables or make other modifications. A companion PDF version is available that will handle most inventory situations.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
NED-3 - Version –
Released December 9, 2020 (97 MB)
(may require user to obtain administrative privileges to install, Forest Service users may need to "run elevated")
NED-3 Draft User's Manual pdf
NED-2 User's Guide pdf
NED-2 Reference Guide pdf
NED-3_tallysheets.xls xls
NED-3_tallysheets.pdf pdf
  • Last modified: June 15, 2020