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Mark J. Twery, H. Michael Rauscher, Donald Nute, Scott A. Thomasma, Peter D. Knopp

image - logo for NED softwareNED-2 is the successor to NED-1 and is available for download.

A full online help system is installed with NED-2 and is incorporated with the software. In addition, material contained in the help system is available in two publications, a printed NED-2 user's manual with step-by-step instructions on how to use the software and a separate NED-2 reference guide (available in PDF format only) with detailed explanations of the models, equations, and rules that underlie the software.

Paper tally sheets are available for NED-2, at the bottom of this page under Documents and Downloads. On some of the tally sheet pages, not all NED-2 variables are shown due to space limitations. Download the Excel version of the tally sheets if you would like to substitute variables or make other modifications. A companion PDF version is available that will handle most inventory situations.

Installation Requirements for NED-2

NED-2 will only install on Windows 2000, service pack 3 operating systems or later, as well as any version of Windows XP.  The installation and setup of NED-2 requires the Microsoft Windows Installer engine, version 3.0 or newer.  You may already have Windows Installer 3.0 if you have Windows XP service pack 2 or newer.  If you aren't sure which version of the windows installer is present on your computer, you may download a small utility program that will verify your current Windows Installer version below.

Installation Instructions

NED-2 can be installed and will run on any version of Windows 8, 7, or XP (with Service Pack 2 or newer).

Windows Vista installations are not reliable but may work.

Download the NED-2 setup program below, then run it. The NED-2 setup is called "ned2install.exe". 

The NED-2 installation requires Administrative privileges.

Follow the prompts on the NED-2 setup to install NED-2 on your computer.

Documentation and Downloads

Document Format
NED-2 - Final version - 2.60.02
Released June 27, 2012 (33 MB)
NED-2 User's Guide pdf
NED-2 Reference Guide pdf
Release Notes txt
Verify your version of the windows installer service - Check MSI Version (40 kb) exe
ned2_tallysheets.xls xls
ned2_tallysheets.pdf pdf


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