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image - logo for NED softwareNED is a collection of software products developed by the USDA Forest Service. The NED software is intended to aid resource managers in developing goals, assessing current and future conditions, and producing sustainable management plans for forest properties.


Forest Stewardship Planning Guide (FSPG) - provides explanations of a wide range of forest concepts and practices used to produce a variety of benefits from forests.


Forest Health - provides information on stress agents that affect the health of forest trees. These agents include insects, fungi, weather, and people.


MIWILD - presents expert knowledge about wildlife habitat requirements in the upper Great Lakes, with a specific focus on Michigan.


NED-SIPS - The Stand Inventory Processor and Simulator (SIPS) allows you to create, manage, and analyze forest inventory records at the stand level. A variety of reports can be generated describing the vegetation structure, timber value, and economics of the stand. The user may simulate forest growth using one of four incorporated stand growth simulators (SILVAH, OAKSIM, TWIGS, FIBER) and apply any of a set of standard treatments, or design a custom cutting scheme, to show what a future stand might look like in the future. SIPS was released in 1995 and uses a DOS-style interface. It was the precursor of NED-1.


NED-1 is an enhanced version of SIPS, with some limitations. NED-1 uses Windows, but does not provide for stand growth and treatment simulation. Instead, NED-1 emphasizes the analysis of forest inventory data from the perspective of forest resources, including aesthetics, landscape ecology, forest health, timber, water, and wildlife. NED-1 evaluates to what degree a group of stands (a management unit) provides the conditions required to accomplish specific, pre-defined goals.


NED-2 is the latest version of NED software, building on the capabilities of NED-1 and adding many more features, including forest growth simulation.


NED-3 is the successor to NED-2 and a Beta Test version is available for download. A beta test version means that it is available to use, but there are still some enhancements and additions in the works, and not all bugs have been found and removed.


NEDLite enables the collection of forest inventory data on handheld computers running Palm OS and Windows Mobile, with the option of transferring data into NED for analysis and subsequent prescription development.


NEWILD presents expert knowledge about wildlife habitat requirements in the northeastern U.S.


STEWPLAN helps create standard forest management plans (stewardship plans) to facilitate participation in the Forest Stewardship Program. The software has been approved by a number of states and is being used by a growing number of consulting and service foresters to organize and present information on forest ownership and boundaries, stand inventory characteristics, landowner goals, harvest schedules, and other features necessary for stewardship plans. Stewplan produces a written plan that can be submitted to the Forest Stewardship Program, or a hypertext file that can be modified in a separate word processor.

Last Modified: 06/15/2009