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NED - Forest Ecosystem Decision Support Software

image - logo for NED softwareOur forest land is part of the future.  What we do now to our land affects trees, birds, animals, plants, and all living things in the forest for more than a generation.

It affects whoever may own the land in the future - our children, grandchildren, or someone we may never meet.  It affects our neighbors and the local community.  By taking care of our land now, we can ensure a healthy forest for future generations of all living things.  The future of the forest is in our hands now.

Latest News


NED 3 has many similarities with NED-2 but also has many improvements. It runs simulations much faster and works with all of the latest variants of FVS, which can be updated by the user as new ones are released. The report generation interface has been revised substantially to make it easier to use and to keep using a standard set of reports.  NED-3 now incorporates SILVAH, a sister program created by the Northern Research Station that can provide expert-based prescriptions for timber management of a stand.  There are now four different wildlife habitat evaluation models built into NED-3 for a wider area of applicability, according to the user’s request. NED-3 also links with ForGATE, an external program that provides a life-cycle analysis of carbon from the forest and forest products. There are additional features of NED-3 still being developed.  Learn more about the latest version of NED-3.


The final version of NED-2 (version 2.60.02) was released on June 27, 2012. Designed for stand-alone Windows-based personal computers, NED-2 integrates a variety of forest management tools into a single environment. These tools include databases, growth and yield models, wildlife models, geographic information systems (GIS), visualization tools, and others. The software is distributed with an online help system and a printed user’s manual. This user’s manual provides guidance for use of the software and a basic introduction to the principles and calculations used in NED-2. A reference guide with more detailed explanations of the models, equations, and rules that underlie the software is available separately. Learn more about the latest version of NED-2


As of October 5, 2007, a new product, MIWILD, is available for download.  MIWILD is software that uses a database of expert knowledge to analyze extent of wildlife habitat. Originally designed for use in planning activities on state land in Michigan, MIWILD was developed as a set of information and assessment tools for individuals interested in the wildlife of Michigan and their associated habitats.  Click here for more details.


NEDLite for the PocketPC and Windows Mobile/CE

As of September 28, 2007, a companion product, NEDLite for CE, is available to run on Windows CE/Windows Mobile handheld devices.  It is available as a beta version.   We do not yet have a Help System for this version of NEDLite, so please be advised that little in the way of "self help" is available.   While this product was designed to resemble the Palm OS version of NEDLite as closely as possible, there are some important differences.  We are currently working on a users manual/help system. 

Last Modified: 06/27/2012