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Changing Midwest Assessment Internet Mapping Service

This online tool is no longer available. You may download shapefiles from the publication summary record at


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THIS APPLICATION provides you the opportunity to interactively browse the geospatial data layers created for the Changing Midwest Assessment.  Start by clicking the Launch Changing Midwest IMS icon to the left.  Once the website has loaded in the new explorer window, browse the layers list on the right.  A click on the box next to a layer will make that map visible. You can compare the 1980 map to the 2000 map in each suite of data or look for hotspots of change on the change map. You can also zoom in on an area you would like to see up close.

To view the dataset used to created the map, click on the radio button to make that map layer active. Once a map layer is made visible and active – grab the identify tool, click on your area of interest, and the selected records will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can focus your interest in the dataset with the query tool. Click on the tool, fill out the data fields, then execute. Polygon(s) that answer the query will be highlighted in yellow on the map and the selected records will appear below the map.


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