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About ASPEN: A Circumboreal Growth and Yield Model for Populus tremuloides and P. tremula

George E. Host and Donald A. Perala

ASPEN is an empirical simulation model that projects the growth and yield of aspen (Populus tremuloides and P. tremula) stands from establishment to breakup. The model incorporates the system of equations developed from growth and yield data from throughout the range of P. tremuloides and P. tremula; the model should thus be applicable throughout the circumboreal region. The model runs on an annual time step and predicts total yields in number of trees, basal area, and biomass, as well as merchantable yields in cubic feet and cords for user-specified utilization standards, and in Scribner board feet. Outputs are in the form of stand tables and stocking guides. The model supports silvicultural operations such as thinning, as well as management for multiple products.

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ASPEN Users Guide and download information on University of Minnesota website

Last Modified: 07/24/2007