SILVAH turns 50

[photo:] The first class of SILVAH trainees [photo:] Healthy Allegheny hardwood forest [photo:] SILVAH Crew [photo:] Oak seedling

In 2017, the Northern Research Station is celebrating 50 years of silviculture research in Allegheny Hardwood and mixed oak forests in Pennsylvania. The comprehensive suite of studies, including work on basic silviculture; forest harvesting practices; deer-forest interactions; herbicide, fencing, and fertilization; natural and human disturbances; and prescribed fire has always had one overall goal: to promote regeneration and sustainability of forest resources. Results have been rolled in to SILVAH (SILviculture of Allegheny Hardwoods, expanded to mixed oak forests in 2002). SILVAH is a decision-support computer program, a training program, and a community of practice that brings scientists and land managers together to apply research results on the ground.

Since training sessions began in 1977, we’ve hosted nearly 2,500 professionals from 30 different states and 4 countries. Our attendees include consultants, forest industry, conservancies, educators, nonprofits, and managers from every level of government, from local to federal. Learn more about our SILVAH partnerships.

[figure:] Map of mainland US shows where SILVAH training participants are from.  Most are from the northeast US, however participants have come from 30 different states and 4 countries.
Map depicts distibution of SILVAH training participants across mainland United States and Canada. Green dots represent participants in Allegheny Hardwood SILVAH training, blue dots represent participants in Oak SILVAH training.


Last Modified: September 19, 2017