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Sustaining Forests

Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Products of Northern Maine

The Plants

Maine north woods autumn landscape. Photo by Michelle Baumflek

Gatherers in the St. John River Watershed use over 120 species of plants for food, medicine, craft, and more. On this website we profile 29 of these plants in detail. We also include a list of all 120 plants and their uses, and a link where you can download a PDF file of our handbook, Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Products of Northern Maine. Click on any plant name below to view its profile.

Plant Profiles

Ash, Brown Cranberry, Highbush Pearly Everlasting
Balm of Gilead Dandelion Pine
Beech, American Dogwood, Red Osier Plantain
Birch, Paper Fiddlehead Raspberry, Red
Blueberry Fir, Balsam Rose
Burdock, Common Flag Root Spruce
Cedar, Eastern White Goldthread St. Johnswort
Chive, Wild Hazelnut, Beaked Strawberry, Wild
Chokecherry Maple, Sugar Sweetgrass

A Note of Caution!

This website is not intended to provide comprehensive information about NTFP uses, harvesting or safety. 

As much as possible, we report important information about sustainable harvesting techniques and plant uses as described to us by study participants.  However, if you plan on trying some harvesting, we recommend consulting with several other sources of credible information to ensure your safety and the safety of the plants or fungi you are interested in.  Whenever possible, go out for the first time with someone who knows what they are doing.

Information about medicinal plant uses is provided for educational purposes only.  It should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment and is not a substitute for consultation with a licensed physician. 



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Last Modified: 05/24/2010