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Sustaining Forests

Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Products of Northern Maine

The Gatherers

Photo of Tania Morey by Michelle Baumflek

We spoke with 30 people who gather nontimber forest products in the St. John Watershed, on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. We also spent time with gatherers as they collected, processed, and used wild plants and mushrooms. We are happy to share a selection of gatherers' stories here. Please click on the gatherer's name to read his or her profile.

Natalia Bragg, Herbalist

Faye Hafford, Wild edibles

Sandi MacDonald, Natural dyes

Tania Morey, Wild edibles & medicinals

Gene Nadeau, Wild medicinals

Mary Anne Sanipass, Brown ash basketmaker

Judy Sherman, Wreathmaker

Richard Silliboy, Brown ash basketmaker

Brian Theriault, Snowshoe maker

Glenda Wysote-Labillois, Wild edibles & medicinals


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Last Modified: 05/24/2010