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Northern Research Station
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Sustaining Forests

Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Products of Northern Maine

Project Contributors

Principal Investigators

[photo:] Marla Emery

Marla is a Research Geographer with the United States Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Her research interests are contemporary nontimber forest product uses, especially in the eastern United States and elsewhere in the industrialized world. She has conducted research on plants and people in Michigan, the southeastern United States, Scotland, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and, of course, northern Maine.


Clare Ginger

Clare is an associate professor in the Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. Her research interests focus on public policy and planning processes with applications to environmental issues. She has conducted research on the social processes of wilderness, watershed, and forest policy with attention to organizational change, participatory policy analysis, and citizen participation. She also has examined the dynamics of linking population, health, and environment issues in conservation groups.


Field Research Team

  • Michelle Baumflek, Lead Field Researcher

Michelle Baumflek gathering lupines

Michelle is a human ecologist interested in the intersections between wild plants and people.  She has a background in forest biology, field botany and social science.  After completing her Master's degree at the University of Vermont in 2008, Michelle spent two years in northern Maine, studying contemporary issues in nontimber forest product gathering.  As part or this research, Michelle was fortunate to make the acquaintance of many wonderful people who were kind enough to share their time and stories with her. In the fall of 2009, Michelle began a PhD in Natural Resources at Cornell University.  She plans to continue working in Maine as part of her doctoral studies.


  • David Putnam, Collaborating Field Consultant

David Putnam

David is a prehistoric archaeologist and glacial geologist who conducts research in partnership with indigenous people.  He has collaborated with Alaska Native, Native American, and First Nations communities in Alaska, the northern Rockies, Northwest Coast, Southwest, and Northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.  He has conducted field archaeology, curriculum development, museum design, grant writing, economic development, and consultation on traditional properties.  He is currently a lecturer at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, the faculty advisor for the Native Voices student organization, and a member of the Community of Practice for Project Compass, an initiative to improve access to higher education for Native American/First Nations students.


  • Suzanne Greenlaw, Community Researcher

Suzanne Greenlaw


  • Tania Morey, Community Researcher

Tania Morey


  • Glenda Wysote-Labillois, Community Researcher

Glenda Wysote-Labillois


Education and Outreach

  • Allaire Diamond, Writer and Designer

Allaire Diamond

Allaire is an ecologist and writer with a particular interest in nontimber forest products. She has conducted research on artisans' ecological knowledge of basket and dye plants. She runs Goldthread Ecological Consulting, based in northern Vermont. She works with private landowners, non-profit organizations, foresters, students, and towns to offer ecological assessments, design services, and public workshops, and has developed educational materials for the Vermont Land Trust and Vermont Woodlands Association. Her work has been published in Northern Woodlands Magazine, Edible Green Mountains, the Society of American Foresters New England Chapter newsletter, and Hobby Farm Home.


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