Urban Research in Springfield

Research in Springfield, Massachusetts

The U.S. Forest Service’s work in Springfield seeks to improve people’s lives through research, partnerships, and environmental education. We focus on urban ecological systems and natural resource management and have four main goals:

  1. Develop multi-disciplinary science projects and programs that support community well-being and innovative urban natural resource management.
  2. Effectively communicate information, data and tools to our partners, citizen scientists and others.
  3. Support environmental education, career development, and citizen science through classroom and experiential learning and community engagement.
  4. Foster an extensive network of interdisciplinary scientists and partners who are working on these same goals.

In Springfield, scientists are working to increase urban tree cover, enhance tree health and biodiversity, improve disaster preparedness and resilience, and advance environmental justice and community engagement through their research projects.


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Last Modified: May 13, 2019