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Research Natural Area


State: Minnesota

County: Cook

Forest: Superior

District: Tofte

Established: 1973

Acres: 360

Description: The RNA primarily contains upland forests, with a virgin northern hardwood stand containing sugar maple (Acer saccharum). The sugar maple is near the northern and western limit of its range.

Ecological Information

Physical and Climatic Conditions:

Nearest weather station, with distance and direction from RNA : The nearest major station is in Grand Marais, MN, located 34 miles (54 km) northeast of Schroeder RNA.

Annual precipitation (type, seasonal distribution) : Average annual precipitation is 26.39 inches (67.03 cm), with 10.02 inches (25.45 cm) falling in summer. Average annual snowfall is 70 inches (178 cm).

Maximum and minimum temperatures :
Maximum: 95ºF, Minimum: -34ºF
Annual: 30.9 ºF, 47.5 ºF
January: -3.9 ºF, 22.2 ºF
August: 53.8 ºF, 70.3 ºF.

Elevation: Mean elevation at the lake is approximately 600 feet (183 m), and the topography rises to approximately 1550 feet (472 m) west of the RNA.

Geology and Soils: The site is part of the Highland Moraine/Highland Flutes Geomorphic areas containing deep silty or loamy, well drained, light-colored soils.

Aquatic Features: The site contains no rivers or lakes, but is located within 3 miles (4.8 km) of Lake Superior.

Ecological Classification & Inventory

Section: Northern Superior Uplands (212L)

Subsection(s): North Shore Highlands (212Lb)

Landtype Association(s): 3

SAF Cover Types (list acres): Kuchler Types (list acres):
15 Red pine (5) 85 Conifer Bog (77)
27 Sugar maple (278) 86 Great Lakes Pine Forest (5)
37 Northern white-cedar (77) 90 Maple-Basswood forest (278)

Related Publications:

Ohmann, Lewis. 1973. Establishment Record of the Schroeder Research Natural Area within the Superior National Forest. Unpublished report on file at the Northern Research Station, Rhinelander, 16 pages.

Last Modified: 11/09/2006