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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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A global horizon scan of the future impacts of robotics and autonomous systems on urban ecosystems Goddard, Mark A.; Davies, Zoe G.; Guenat, Solčne ; Ferguson, Mark J.; Fisher, Jessica C.; Akanni, Adeniran ; Ahjokoski, Teija ; Anderson, Pippin M. L.; Angeoletto, Fabio ; Antoniou, Constantinos ; Bates, Adam J.; Barkwith, Andrew ; Berland, Adam ; Bouch, Christopher J.; Rega-Brodsky, Christine C.; Byrne, Loren B.; Cameron, David ; Canavan, Rory ; Chapman, Tim ; Connop, Stuart ; Crossland, Steve ; Dade, Marie C.; Dawson, David A.; Dobbs, Cynnamon ; Downs, Colleen T.; Ellis, Erle C.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Gobster, Paul ; Gulsrud, Natalie Marie; Guneralp, Burak ; Hahs, Amy K.; Hale, James D.; Hassall, Christopher ; Hedblom, Marcus ; Hochuli, Dieter F.; Inkinen, Tommi ; Ioja, Ioan-Cristian ; Kendal, Dave ; Knowland, Tom ; Kowarik, Ingo ; Langdale, Simon J.; Lerman, Susannah B.; MacGregor-Fors, Ian ; Manning, Peter ; Massini, Peter ; McLean, Stacey ; Mkwambisi, David D.; Ossola, Alessandro ; Luque, Gabriel Pérez; Pérez-Urrestarazu, Luis ; Perini, Katia ; Perry, Gad ; Pett, Tristan J.; Plummer, Kate E.; Radji, Raoufou A.; Roll, Uri ; Potts, Simon G.; Rumble, Heather ; Sadler, Jon P.; de Saille, Stevienna ; Sautter, Sebastian ; Scott, Catherine E.; Shwartz, Assaf ; Smith, Tracy ; Snep, Robbert P. H.; Soulsbury, Carl D.; Stanley, Margaret C.; Van de Voorde, Tim ; Venn, Stephen J.; Warren, Philip H.; Washbourne, Carla-Leanne ; Whitling, Mark ; Williams, Nicholas S. G.; Yang, Jun ; Yeshitela, Kumelachew ; Yocom, Ken P.; Dallimer, Martin 2021
Developing a set of indicators to identify, monitor, and track impacts and change in forests of the United States Anderson, Sarah M.; Heath, Linda S.; Emery, Marla R.; Hicke, Jeffrey A.; Littell, Jeremy S.; Lucier, Alan ; Masek, Jeffrey G.; Peterson, David L.; Pouyat, Richard ; Potter, Kevin M.; Robertson, Guy ; Sperry, Jinelle 2021
Natural regeneration in urban forests is limited by early-establishment dynamics: implications for management Piana, Max R.; Hallett, Richard A.; Aronson, Myla F. J.; Conway, Emily ; Handel, Steven N. 2021
Over half of western United States' most abundant tree species in decline Stanke, Hunter ; Finley, Andrew O.; Domke, Grant M.; Weed, Aaron S.; MacFarlane, David W. 2021
Wildlife in the city: human drivers and human consequences Lerman, Susannah B.; Narango, Desiree L.; Andrade, Riley ; Warren, Paige S.; Grade, Aaron M.; Straley, Katherine 2021
Assessing Restoration Potential of Fragmented and Degraded Fagaceae Forests in Meghalaya, North-East India Singh, Prem Prakash; Chakraborty, Tamalika ; Dermann, Anna ; Dermann, Florian ; Adhikari, Dibyendu ; Gurung, Purna B.; Barik, Saroj Kanta; Bauhus, Jürgen ; Fassnacht, Fabian Ewald; Dey, Daniel C.; Rösch, Christine ; Saha, Somidh 2020
Conceptualizing social-ecological drivers of change in urban forest patches Johnson, Lea R.; Johnson, Michelle L.; Aronson, Myla F. J.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Carr, Megan E.; Clarke, Mysha ; D’Amico, Vincent ; Darling, Lindsay ; Erker, Tedward ; Fahey, Robert T.; King, Kristen L.; Lautar, Katherine ; Locke, Dexter H.; Morzillo, Anita T.; Pincetl, Stephanie ; Rhodes, Luke ; Schmit, John Paul; Scott, Lydia ; Sonti, Nancy F. 2020
Forest-linked livelihoods in a globalized world Oldekop, Johan A.; Rasmussen, Laura Vang; Agrawal, Arun ; Bebbington, Anthony J.; Meyfroidt, Patrick ; Bengston, David N.; Blackman, Allen ; Brooks, Stephen ; Davidson-Hunt, Iain ; Davies, Penny ; Dinsi, Stanley C.; Fontana, Lorenza B.; Gumucio, Tatiana ; Kumar, Chetan ; Kumar, Kundan ; Moran, Dominic ; Mwampamba, Tuyeni H.; Nasi, Robert ; Nilsson, Margareta ; Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel A.; Rhemtulla, Jeanine M.; Sutherland, William J.; Watkins, Cristy ; Wilson, Sarah J. 2020
Implications of climate change for managing urban green infrastructure: an Indiana, US case study Reynolds, Heather L.; Brandt, Leslie ; Fischer, Burnell C.; Hardiman, Brady S.; Moxley, Donovan J.; Sandweiss, Eric ; Speer, James H.; Fei, Songlin 2020
Influence of canopy openness, ungulate exclosure, and low-intensity fire for improved oak regeneration in temperate Europe Petersson, Linda K.; Dey, Daniel C.; Felton, Annika M.; Gardiner, Emile S.; Löf, Magnus 2020

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