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An uncertainty framework for i-Tree eco: A comparative study of 15 cities across the United States Lin, Jian ; Kroll, Charles N.; Nowak, David J. 2021
Breeding for Resistance to Tree Pests: Successes, Challenges, and a Guide to the Future Pike, Carolyn ; Koch, Jennifer ; Nelson, C Dana. 2021
Eastern Black Walnut (Juglans nigra L.) Originating From Native Range Varies in Their Response to Inoculation With Geosmithia morbida Sitz, Rachael A.; Luna, Emily K.; Ibarra Caballero, Jorge ; Tisserat, Ned A.; Cranshaw, Whitney S.; McKenna, James R.; Stolz, Joshua ; Stewart, Jane E. 2021
Crown width models for woody plant species growing in urban areas of the U.S. Westfall, James A.; Nowak, David J.; Henning, Jason G.; Lister, Tonya W.; Edgar, Christopher B.; Majewsky, Mark A.; Sonti, Nancy F. 2020
Measuring landscape change, lot by lot: Greening activity in response to a vacant land reuse program Gobster, Paul H.; Hadavi, Sara ; Rigolon, Alessandro ; Stewart, William P. 2020
The condition-care scale: A practical approach to monitoring progress in vacant lot stewardship programs Gobster, Paul H.; Rigolon, Alessandro ; Hadavi, Sara ; Stewart, William P. 2020
The first genetic linkage map for Fraxinus pennsylvanica and syntenic relationships with four related species Wu, Di ; Koch, Jennifer ; Coggeshall, Mark ; Carlson, John 2019
Utilizing the density of inventory samples to define a hybrid lattice for species distribution models: DISTRIB-II for 135 eastern U.S. trees Peters, Matthew P.; Iverson, Louis R.; Prasad, Anantha M.; Matthews, Stephen N. 2019
Breeding progress and preparedness for mass-scale deployment of perennial lignocellulosic biomass crops switchgrass, miscanthus, willow and poplar Clifton-Brown, John ; Harfouche, Antoine ; Casler, Michael D.; Dylan Jones, Huw ; Macalpine, William J.; Murphy-Bokern, Donal ; Smart, Lawrence B.; Adler, Anneli ; Ashman, Chris ; Awty-Carroll, Danny ; Bastien, Catherine ; Bopper, Sebastian ; Botnari, Vasile ; Brancourt-Hulmel, Maryse ; Chen, Zhiyong ; Clark, Lindsay V; Cosentino, Salvatore ; Dalton, Sue ; Davey, Chris ; Dolstra, Oene ; Donnison, Iain ; Flavell, Richard ; Greef, Joerg ; Hanley, Steve ; Hastings, Astley ; Hertzberg, Magnus ; Hsu, Tsai-Wen ; Huang, Lin S.; Iurato, Antonella ; Jensen, Elaine ; Jin, Xiaoli ; Jørgensen, Uffe ; Kiesel, Andreas ; Kim, Do-Soon ; Liu, Jianxiu ; McCalmont, Jon P.; McMahon, Bernard G.; Mos, Michal ; Robson, Paul ; Sacks, Erik J.; Sandu, Anatolii ; Scalici, Giovanni ; Schwarz, Kai ; Scordia, Danilo ; Shafiei, Reza ; Shield, Ian ; Slavov, Gancho ; Stanton, Brian J.; Swaminathan, Kankshita ; Taylor, Gail ; Torres, Andres F.; Trindade, Luisa M.; Tschaplinski, Timothy ; Tuskan, Gerald A.; Yamada, Toshihiko ; Yeon Yu, Chang ; Zalesny, Ronald S.; Zong, Junqin ; Lewandowski, Iris 2018
Crop tree growth response and quality after silvicultural rehabilitation of cutover stands Puhlick, Joshua J.; Kuehne, Christian ; Kenefic, Laura S. 2018

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