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Patterns of nitrogen-fixing tree abundance in forests across Asia and America Menge, Duncan N. L.; Chisholm, Ryan A.; Davies, Stuart J.; Abu Salim, Kamariah ; Allen, David ; Alvarez, Mauricio ; Bourg, Norm ; Brockelman, Warren Y.; Bunyavejchewin, Sarayudh ; Butt, Nathalie ; Cao, Min ; Chanthorn, Wirong ; Chao, Wei-Chun ; Clay, Keith ; Condit, Richard ; Cordell, Susan ; Silva, Joo Batista; Dattaraja, H. S.; Andrade, Ana Cristina Segalin; Oliveira, Alexandre A.; den Ouden, Jan ; Drescher, Michael ; Fletcher, Christine ; Giardina, Christian P.; Savitri Gunatilleke, C. V; Gunatilleke, I. A. U. Nimal; Hau, Billy C. H.; He, Fangliang ; Howe, Robert ; Hsieh, Chang-Fu ; Hubbell, Stephen P.; Inman-Narahari, Faith M.; Jansen, Patrick A.; Johnson, Daniel J.; Kong, Lee Sing; Krl, Kamil ; Ku, Chen-Chia ; Lai, Jiangshan ; Larson, Andrew J.; Li, Xiankun ; Li, Yide ; Lin, Luxiang ; Lin, YiChing ; Liu, Shirong ; Lum, Shawn K. Y.; Lutz, James A.; Ma, Keping ; Malhi, Yadvinder ; McMahon, Sean ; McShea, William ; Mi, Xiangcheng ; Morecroft, Michael ; Myers, Jonathan A.; Nathalang, Anuttara ; Novotny, Vojtech ; Ong, Perry ; Orwig, David A.; Ostertag, Rebecca ; Parker, Geoffrey ; Phillips, Richard P.; Abd. Rahman, Kassim ; Sack, Lawren ; Sang, Weiguo ; Shen, Guochun ; Shringi, Ankur ; Shue, Jessica ; Su, Sheng-Hsin ; Sukumar, Raman ; Sun, I-Fang ; Suresh, H. S.; Tan, Sylvester ; Thomas, Sean C.; Toko, Pagi S.; Valencia, Renato ; Vallejo, Martha I; Vicentini, Alberto ; Vrka, Tom ; Wang, Bin ; Wang, Xihua ; Weiblen, George D.; Wolf, Amy ; Xu, Han ; Yap, Sandra ; Zhu, Li ; Fung, Tak 2019
Detecting Symbioses in Complex Communities: the Fungal Symbionts of Bark and Ambrosia Beetles Within Asian Pines Skelton, James ; Jusino, Michelle A.; Li, You ; Bateman, Craig ; Thai, Pham Hong; Wu, Chengxu ; Lindner, Daniel L.; Hulcr, Jiri 2018
Feather mite abundance varies but symbiotic nature of mite-host relationship does not differ between two ecologically dissimilar warblers Matthews, Alix E.; Larkin, Jeffery L.; Raybuck, Douglas W.; Slevin, Morgan C.; Stoleson, Scott H.; Boves, Than J. 2017
Wood decay fungus Flavodon ambrosius (Basidiomycota: Polyporales) is widely farmed by two genera of ambrosia beetles Li, You; Bateman, Craig Christopher; Skelton, James; Jusino, Michelle Alice; Nolen, Zachary John; Simmons, David Rabern; Hulcr, Jiri 2017
Experimental evidence of a symbiosis between red-cockaded woodpeckers and fungi Jusino, Michelle A.; Lindner, Daniel L.; Banik, Mark T.; Rose, Kevin R.; Walters, Jeffrey R. 2016
Ailanthus altissima interfers with beneficial symbionts and negetively [sic] impacts oak regeneration Bauman, Jenise M.; Byrne, Caitlin; Hiremath, Shiv 2013
Molecular marker genes for ectomycorrhizal symbiosis Hiremath, Shiv; McQuattie, Carolyn; Podila, Gopi; Bauman, Jenise 2013
Differences in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi among three coffee cultivars in Puerto Rico Lebrn, Ligia; Lodge, Jean D.; Bayman, Paul 2012
The efficiency of introduced pisolithus tinctorius inoculum on backcrossed chestnut germination and survival Bauman, Jenise M.; Keiffer, Carolyn H.; Hiremath, Shiv 2012
A leap forward in geographic scale for forest ectomycorrhizal fungi Cox, Filipa; Barsoum, Nadia; Bidartondo, Martin I.; Brja, Isabella; Lilleskov, Erik; Nilsson, Lars O.; Rautio, Pasi; Tubby, Kath; Vesterdal, Lars 2010

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