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Influence of prescribed fire and forest structure on woodland salamander abundance in the central Appalachians, USA Jacobsen, Carl D.; Brown, Donald J.; Flint, William D.; Schuler, Jamie L.; Schuler, Thomas M. 2020
Optimal planning of multi-day invasive species surveillance campaigns Yemshanov, Denys ; Haight, Robert G.; MacQuarrie, Chris J. K.; Koch, Frank H.; Liu, Ning ; Venette, Robert ; Ryall, Krista 2020
Soil mapping, monitoring, and assessment [Chapter 9] Kimsey, Mark J.; Laing, Larry E.; Anderson, Sarah M.; Bruggink, Jeff ; Campbell, Steve ; Diamond, David ; Domke, Grant M.; Gries, James ; Holub, Scott M.; Nowacki, Gregory ; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Rustad, Lindsey E.; Stephens, Kyle ; Vaughan, Robert 2020
Acceptance sampling for cost-effective surveillance of emerald ash borer in urban environments Yemshanov, Denys ; Haight, Robert G.; Liu, Ning ; Chen, Cuicui ; MacQuarrie, Chris J.K.; Ryall, Krista ; Venette, Robert ; Koch, Frank H. 2019
Distance models as a tool for modelling detection probability and density of native bumblebees McNeil, Darin J.; Otto, Clint R. V; Moser, Erin L.; Urban-Mead, Katherine R.; King, David E.; Rodewald, Amanda D.; Larkin, Jeffery L. 2019
Effects of pine-oak woodland restoration on breeding bird densities in the Ozark-Ouachita Interior Highlands Roach, Melissa C.; Thompson, Frank R.; Jones-Farrand, Todd 2019
Further Development of a Specific Conductivity Approach to Measure Groundwater Discharge Area within Lakes Bischof, Stefan M.; Herwig, Brian R.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Hanson, Mark A.; Zimmer, Kyle D.; Cotner, James B.; Kroeger, Timothy J. 2019
Managing biological invasions in urban environments with the acceptance sampling approach Yemshanov, Denys ; Haight, Robert G.; Chen, Cuicui ; Liu, Ning ; MacQuarrie, Christian J. K.; Koch, Frank H.; Venette, Robert ; Ryall, Krista 2019
Performance of Hierarchical Abundance Models on Simulated Bat Capture Data Womack-Bulliner, Kathryn M.; Amelon, Sybill K.; Thompson, Frank R.; Lebrun, Jaymi J. 2019
Strategic removal of host trees in isolated, satellite infestations of emerald ash borer can reduce population growth Fahrner, Samuel J.; Abrahamson, Mark; Venette, Robert C.; Aukema, Brian H. 2017

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