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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Intraspecific variation in surface water uptake in a perennial desert shrub Zaiats, Andrii ; Lazarus, Brynne E.; Germino, Matthew J.; Serpe, Marcelo D.; Richardson, Bryce A.; Buerki, Sven ; Caughlin, T. Trevor. 2020
Soil Organic Carbon Across Mexico and the Conterminous United States (19912010) Guevara, Mario ; Arroyo, Carlos ; Brunsell, Nathaniel ; Cruz, Carlos O.; Domke, Grant ; Equihua, Julian ; Etchevers, Jorge ; Hayes, Daniel ; Hengl, Tomislav ; Ibelles, Alejandro ; Johnson, Kris ; Jong, Ben ; Libohova, Zamir ; Llamas, Ricardo ; Nave, Lucas ; Ornelas, Jose L.; Paz, Fernando ; Ressl, Rainer ; Schwartz, Anita ; Victoria, Arturo ; Wills, Skye ; Vargas, Rodrigo 2020
Soil mapping, monitoring, and assessment [Chapter 9] Kimsey, Mark J.; Laing, Larry E.; Anderson, Sarah M.; Bruggink, Jeff ; Campbell, Steve ; Diamond, David ; Domke, Grant M.; Gries, James ; Holub, Scott M.; Nowacki, Gregory ; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Rustad, Lindsey E.; Stephens, Kyle ; Vaughan, Robert 2020
Spatial heterogeneity in CO2, CH4, and energy fluxes: insights from airborne eddy covariance measurements over the Mid-Atlantic region Hannun, Reem A.; Wolfe, Glenn M.; Kawa, S. Randy; Hanisco, Thomas F.; Newman, Paul A.; Alfieri, Joseph G.; Barrick, John ; Clark, Kenneth L.; DiGangi, Joshua P.; Diskin, Glenn S.; King, John ; Kustas, William P.; Mitra, Bhaskar ; Noormets, Asko ; Nowak, John B.; Thornhill, K. Lee; Vargas, Rodrigo 2020
Decadal Change in Soil Chemistry of Northern Hardwood Forests on the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire, USA Fraser, Olivia L.; Bailey, Scott W.; Ducey, Mark J. 2019
Drivers of individual tree growth and mortality in an uneven-aged, mixed-species conifer forest Fien, Erin K.P.; Fraver, Shawn ; Teets, Aaron ; Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Hollinger, David Y. 2019
Spatial patterns of discovery points and invasion hotspots of non-native forest pests Ward, Samuel F.; Fei, Songlin ; Liebhold, Andrew M. 2019
Tree basal area and conifer abundance predict soil carbon stocks and concentrations in an actively managed forest of northern New Hampshire, USA Jevon, Fiona V; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Evans, Kevin ; Ayres, Matthew P.; Matthes, Jaclyn Hatala. 2019
Unprocessed Atmospheric Nitrate in Waters of the Northern Forest Region in the U.S. and Canada Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Ross, Donald S.; Shanley, James B.; Elliott, Emily M.; Kendall, Carol ; Campbell, John L.; Dail, D. Bryan; Fernandez, Ivan J.; Goodale, Christine L.; Lawrence, Gregory B.; Lovett, Gary M.; McHale, Patrick J.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Nelson, Sarah J.; Shattuck, Michelle D.; Wickman, Trent R.; Barnes, Rebecca T.; Bostic, Joel T.; Buda, Anthony R.; Burns, Douglas A.; Eshleman, Keith N.; Finlay, Jacques C.; Nelson, David M.; Ohte, Nobuhito ; Pardo, Linda H.; Rose, Lucy A.; Sabo, Robert D.; Schiff, Sherry L.; Spoelstra, John ; Williard, Karl W. J. 2019
Variation in peatland porewater chemistry over time and space along a bog to fen gradient Griffiths, Natalie A.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Oleheiser, Keith C. 2019

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