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Spatial patterns of discovery points and invasion hotspots of non-native forest pests Ward, Samuel F.; Fei, Songlin ; Liebhold, Andrew M. 2019
The effects of climate downscaling technique and observational data set on modeled ecological responses Pourmokhtarian, Afshin; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Hayhoe, Katharine; Stoner, Anne M. K. 2016
Assessing and comparing risk to climate changes among forested locations: implications for ecosystem services Matthews, Stephen N.; Iverson, Louis R.; Peters, Matthew P.; Prasad, Anantha M.; Subburayalu, Sakthi 2014
Using a remote sensing-based, percent tree cover map to enhance forest inventory estimation McRoberts, Ronald E.; Liknes, Greg C.; Domke, Grant M. 2014
Inferring controls on the epidemiology of beech bark disease from spatial patterning of disease organisms Garnas, Jeffrey R.; Houston, David R.; Twery, Mark J.; Ayres, Matthew P.; Evans, Celia 2013
Predicting Microstegium vimineum invasion in natural plant communities of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA Anderson, Dean P.; Turner, Monica G.; Pearson, Scott M.; Albright, Thomas P.; Peet, Robert K.; Wieben, Ann 2012
Effects of satellite image spatial aggregation and resolution on estimates of forest land area Nelson, M.D.; McRoberts, R.E.; Holden, G.R.; Bauer, M.E. 2009
Freight transportation and the potential for invasions of exotic insects in urban and periurban forests of the United States Colunga-Garcia, Manuel; Haack, Robert A.; Adelaja, Adesoji O. 2009
Mapping U.S. forest biomass using nationwide forest inventory data and moderate resolution information Blackard, J. A.; Finco, M. V.; Helmer, E. H.; Holden, G. R.; Hoppus, M. L.; Jacobs, D.M.; Lister, A. J.; Moisen, G. G.; Nelson, M. D.; Riemann, R.; Ruefenacht, B.; Salajanu, D.; Weyermann, D. L.; Winterberger, K. C.; Brandeis, T. J.; Czaplewski, R. L.; McRoberts, R. E.; Patterson, P. L.; Tymcio, R. P. 2008
Modeling grain-size dependent bias in estimating forest area: a regional application Zheng, Daolan; Heath, Linda S.; Ducey, Mark J. 2008

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