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Parental benefits and offspring costs reflect parent–offspring conflict over the age of fledging among songbirds Jones, Todd M.; Brawn, Jeffrey D.; Ausprey, Ian J.; Vitz, Andrew C.; Rodewald, Amanda D.; Raybuck, Douglas W.; Boves, Than J.; Fiss, Cameron J.; McNeil, Darin J.; Stoleson, Scott H.; Larkin, Jeffery L.; Cox, W. Andrew; Schwarzer, Amy C.; Horsley, Noah P.; Trumbo, Evalynn M.; Ward, Michael P. 2020
Songbird Use of Native and Invasive Fruit in the Northeastern USA Labbé, Michelle A.; King, David I 2020
Open forest management for early successional birds Hanberry, Brice B.; Thompson, Frank R. 2019
Proximity to unconventional shale gas infrastructure alters breeding bird abundance and distribution Farwell, Laura ; Wood, Petra ; Brown, Donald ; Sheehan, James 2019
Trade-offs relating to grassland and forest mine reclamation approaches in the central Appalachian region and implications for the songbird community Margenau, Eric L.; Wood, Petra B.; Weakland, Cathy A.; Brown, Donald J. 2019
Kirtland's warbler winter habitat changes across the Bahamian Archipelago in response to future climate-condition scenarios Wolcott, Daniel M.; Donner, Deahn M.; Brown, Donald J.; Ribic, Christine A. 2018
Prolonged stopover and consequences of migratory strategy on local-scale movements within a regional songbird staging area Smetzer, Jennifer R.; King, David I 2018
Fall migratory departure decisions and routes of blackpoll warblers Setophaga striata and red-eyed vireos Vireo olivaceus at a coastal barrier in the Gulf of Maine Smetzer, Jennifer R.; King, David I.; Taylor, Philip D. 2017
Mixed effects of geolocators on reproduction and survival of Cerulean Warblers, a canopy-dwelling, long-distance migrant Raybuck, Douglas W.; Larkin, Jeffrey L.; Stoleson, Scott H.; Boves, Than J. 2017
Species-specific variation in nesting and postfledging resource selection for two forest breeding migrant songbirds Jenkins, Julianna M. A.; Thompson, Frank R.; Faaborg, John; Kroll, Andrew J. 2017

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