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Soil carbon [Chapter 2] Berryman, Erin ; Hatten, Jeffrey ; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Heckman, Katherine A.; D’Amore, David V; Puttere, Jennifer ; SanClements, Michael ; Connolly, Stephanie J.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Domke, Grant M. 2020
Changes in soil physical and chemical properties following organic matter removal and compaction: 20-year response of the aspen Lake-States Long Term Soil Productivity installations Slesak, Robert A.; Palik, Brian J.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Kurth, Valerie J. 2017
Mass loss and nutrient concentrations of buried wood as a function of organic matter removal, soil compaction, and vegetation control in a regenerating oak-pine forest Ponder, Felix; Kabrick, John M.; Adams, Mary Beth; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Jurgensen, Marty F. 2017
Impact of exotic earthworms on organic carbon sorption on mineral surfaces and soil carbon inventories in a northern hardwood forest Lyttle, Amy; Yoo, Kyungsoo; Hale, Cindy; Aufdenkampe, Anthony; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Resner, Kathryn; Blum, Alex 2015
Invasive earthworms deplete key soil inorganic nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, and P) in a northern hardwood forest Resner, Kit; Yoo, Kyungsoo; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Aufdenkampe, Anthony; Hale, Cindy; Lyttle, Amy; Blum, Alex 2015
Sorptive fractionation of organic matter and formation of organo-hydroxy-aluminum complexes during litter biodegradation in the presence of gibbsite Heckman, K.; Grandy, A.S.; Gao, X.; Keiluweit, M.; Wickings, K.; Carpenter, K.; Chorover, J.; Rasmussen, C. 2013
Nutrient enrichment alters storage and fluxes of detritus in a headwater stream ecosystem Benstead, Jonathan P.; Rosemond, Amy D.; Cross, Wyatt F.; Wallace, J. Bruce; Eggert, Susan L.; Suberkropp, Keller; Gulis, Vladislav; Greenwood, Jennifer L.; Tant, Cynthia J. 2009

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