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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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A Multiscale Numerical Modeling Study of Smoke Dispersion and the Ventilation Index in Southwestern Colorado Kiefer, Michael T.; Charney, Joseph J.; Zhong, Shiyuan ; Heilman, Warren E.; Bian, Xindi ; Mathewson, Timothy O. 2020
Comparing Asian Gypsy Moth [Lymantria dispar asiatica (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) and L. dispar japonica] Trap Data From East Asian Ports With Lab Parameterized Phenology Models: New Tools and Questions Trotter, R Talbot; Limbu, Samita ; Hoover, Kelli ; Nadel, Hannah ; Keena, Melody A. 2020
How do forest landscapes respond to elevated CO2 and ozone? Scaling Aspen-FACE plot-scale experimental results Gustafson, Eric J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R. 2020
Modeling Migratory Flight in the Spruce Budworm: Temperature Constraints Régnière, Jacques ; Delisle, Johanne ; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Garcia, Matthew ; Saint-Amant, Rémi 2019
Oak Decline—What We Know Today and What To Do About It Spetich, Marty; Fan, Zhaofei; He, Hong; Wang, Wen; Crosby, Michael; Shifley, Stephen R. 2019
Projections of water, carbon, and nitrogen dynamics under future climate change in an alpine tundra ecosystem in the southern Rocky Mountains using a biogeochemical model Dong, Zheng ; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Pourmokhtarian, Afshin ; Stoner, Anne M.K.; Hayhoe, Katharine 2019
Sensitivity of low-level jets to land-use and land-cover change over the continental U.S. Nikolic, Jovanka ; Zhong, Shiyuan ; Pei, Lisi ; Bian, Xindi ; Heilman, Warren E.; Charney, Joseph J. 2019
Statistical power of dynamic occupancy models to identify temporal change: Informing the North American Bat Monitoring Program Banner, Katharine M.; Irvine, Kathryn M.; Rodhouse, Thomas J.; Donner, Deahn ; Litt, Andrea R. 2019
A review of operations research models in invasive species management: state of the art, challenges, and future directions Büyüktahtakin, I. Esra; Haight, Robert G. 2018
Cooperative bargaining to manage invasive species in jurisdictions with public and private lands Siriwardena, Shyamani D.; Cobourn, Kelly M.; Amacher, Gregory S.; Haight, Robert G. 2018

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