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Evaluating the applicability of the shelterwood-burn technique for regenerating the mixed-oak forests of the Allegheny National Forest Brose, Patrick ; Hille, Andrea 2020
Prescribed fire effects on Pinus palustris woodland development after catastrophic wind disturbance and salvage logging Kleinman, Jonathan S.; Goode, Jonathan D.; Hart, Justin L.; Dey, Daniel C. 2020
Post-windthrow salvage logging increases seedling and understory diversity with little impact on composition immediately after logging Slyder, Jacob B.; Wenzel, John W.; Royo, Alejandro A.; Spicer, Michelle Elise; Carson, Walter P. 2019
Salvage logging effects on regulating and supporting ecosystem services — a systematic map Leverkus, Alexandro B.; Rey Benayas, José María; Castro, Jorge ; Boucher, Dominique ; Brewer, Stephen ; Collins, Brandon M.; Donato, Daniel ; Fraver, Shawn ; Kishchuk, Barbara E.; Lee, Eun-Jae ; Lindenmayer, David B.; Lingua, Emanuele ; Macdonald, Ellen ; Marzano, Raffaella ; Rhoades, Charles C.; Royo, Alejandro ; Thorn, Simon ; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Waldron, Kaysandra ; Wohlgemuth, Thomas ; Gustafsson, Lena 2018
Forest structure following tornado damage and salvage logging in northern Maine, USA Fraver, Shawn; Dodds, Kevin J.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Morrill, Rick; Seymour, Robert S.; Sypitkowski, Eben 2017
Evaluating the ecological impacts of salvage logging: can natural and anthropogenic disturbances promote coexistence? Royo, Alex; Peterson, Chris J.; Stanovick, John S.; Carson, Walter P. 2016
Effects of multiple interacting disturbances and salvage logging on forest carbon stocks Bradford, John B.; Fraver, Shawn; Milo, Amy M.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J. 2012
Singular and combined effects of blowdown, salvage logging, and wildfire on forest floor and soil mercury pools Mitchell, Carl P.J.; Kolka, Randall K.; Fraver, Shawn 2012
Singular and interactive effects of blowdown, salvage logging, and wildfire in sub-boreal pine systems D'Amato, Anthony W.; Fraver, Shawn; Palik, Brian; Bradford, John B.; Patty, Laura 2011
The efficacy of salvage logging in reducing subsequent fire severity in conifer-dominated forests of Minnesota, USA Fraver, Shawn; Jain, Terrie; Bradford, John B.; D'amato, Anthony W.; Kastendick, Doug; Palik, Brian; Shinneman, Doug; Stanovick, John 2011

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