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Effect of garlic mustard invasion on ectomycorrhizae in mature pine trees and pine seedlings Carlson, Lauren A.; McConnaughay, Kelly D.; Morris, Sherri J. 2014
Mosaic stunting in bareroot Pinus banksiana seedlings is unrelated to colonization by mycorrhizal fungi Potvin, Lynette R.; Jurgensen, Martin F.; Dumroese, R. Kasten; Richter, Dana L.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S. 2014
Native mycorrhizal fungi replace introduced fungal species on Virginia pine and American chestnut planted on reclaimed mine sites of Ohio Hiremath, Shivanand; Lehtoma, Kirsten; Bauman, Jenise M. 2014
Soil preparation methods promoting ectomycorrhizal colonization and American chestnut Castanea dentata establishment in coal mine restoration Bauman, Jenise M.; Keiffer, Carolyn H.; Hiremath, Shiv; McCarthy, Brian C. 2013
Survey for the presence of Phytophthora cinnamomi on reclaimed mined lands in Ohio chosen for restoration of the American chestnut Hiremath, Shiv; Lehtoma, Kirsten; Bauman, Jenise M. 2013
The efficiency of introduced pisolithus tinctorius inoculum on backcrossed chestnut germination and survival Bauman, Jenise M.; Keiffer, Carolyn H.; Hiremath, Shiv 2012
The influence of inoculated and native ectomycorrhizal fungi on morphology, physiology and survival of American chestnut Bauman, Jenise M.; Keiffer, Carolyn H.; Hiremath, Shiv 2011
Mycorrhizal associations in Ailanthus altissima (Simaroubaceae) from forested and non-forested sites Huebner, Cynthia D.; McQuattie, Carolyn; Rebbeck, Joanne 2007
Root colonization dynamics of two ectomycorrhizal fungi of contrasting life history strategies are mediated by Lilleskov, Erik A.; Bruns, Thomas D. 2003
Vitality and chemistry of roots of red spruce in forest floors of stands with a gradient of soil Al/Ca ratios in the northeastern United States Wargo, Philip M.; Vogt, Kristiina; Vogt, Daniel; Holifield, Quintaniay; Tilley, Joel; Lawrence, Gregory; David, Mark 2003

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