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How do forest landscapes respond to elevated CO2 and ozone? Scaling Aspen-FACE plot-scale experimental results Gustafson, Eric J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R. 2020
Implications of climate change for managing urban green infrastructure: an Indiana, US case study Reynolds, Heather L.; Brandt, Leslie ; Fischer, Burnell C.; Hardiman, Brady S.; Moxley, Donovan J.; Sandweiss, Eric ; Speer, James H.; Fei, Songlin 2020
The impact of climate change on forest systems in the northern United States: Projections and implications for forest management [Chapter 8] Moser, W. Keith; Butler-Leopold, Patricia ; Hausman, Constance ; Iverson, Louise ; Ontl, Todd ; Brand, Leslie ; Matthews, Stephen ; Peters, Matthew ; Prasad, Anantha 2020
A meta-analysis of 1,119 manipulative experiments on terrestrial carbon-cycling responses to global change Song, Jian ; Wan, Shiqiang ; Piao, Shilong ; Knapp, Alan K.; Classen, Aimée T.; Vicca, Sara ; Ciais, Philippe ; Hovenden, Mark J.; Leuzinger, Sebastian ; Beier, Claus ; Kardol, Paul ; Xia, Jianyang ; Liu, Qiang ; Ru, Jingyi ; Zhou, Zhenxing ; Luo, Yiqi ; Guo, Dali ; Adam Langley, J. ; Zscheischler, Jakob ; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Tang, Jianwu ; Chen, Jiquan ; Hofmockel, Kirsten S.; Kueppers, Lara M.; Rustad, Lindsey ; Liu, Lingli ; Smith, Melinda D.; Templer, Pamela H.; Quinn Thomas, R. ; Norby, Richard J.; Phillips, Richard P.; Niu, Shuli ; Fatichi, Simone ; Wang, Yingping ; Shao, Pengshuai ; Han, Hongyan ; Wang, Dandan ; Lei, Lingjie ; Wang, Jiali ; Li, Xiaona ; Zhang, Qian ; Li, Xiaoming ; Su, Fanglong ; Liu, Bin ; Yang, Fan ; Ma, Gaigai ; Li, Guoyong ; Liu, Yanchun ; Liu, Yinzhan ; Yang, Zhongling ; Zhang, Kesheng ; Miao, Yuan ; Hu, Mengjun ; Yan, Chuang ; Zhang, Ang ; Zhong, Mingxing ; Hui, Yan ; Li, Ying ; Zheng, Mengmei 2019
Climate-driven shifts in soil temperature and moisture regimes suggest opportunities to enhance assessments of dryland resilience and resistance Bradford, John B.; Shlaepfer, Daniel R.; Lauenroth, William K.; Palmquist, Kyle A.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Maestas, Jeremy D.; Campbell, Steven B. 2019
Projections of water, carbon, and nitrogen dynamics under future climate change in an alpine tundra ecosystem in the southern Rocky Mountains using a biogeochemical model Dong, Zheng ; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Pourmokhtarian, Afshin ; Stoner, Anne M.K.; Hayhoe, Katharine 2019
Chapter 10 - Wildfire and fire severity effects on post-fire carbon and nitrogen cycling in forest soil (Project NC-EM-F-14-1) Miesel, Jessica R.; Kolka, Randy ; Townsend, Phil 2018
Effects of changing climate on the hydrological cycle in cold desert ecosystems of the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau Snyder, Keirith A.; Evers, Louisa ; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Dunham, Jason ; Bradford, John B.; Loik, Michael E. 2018
Kirtland's warbler winter habitat changes across the Bahamian Archipelago in response to future climate-condition scenarios Wolcott, Daniel M.; Donner, Deahn M.; Brown, Donald J.; Ribic, Christine A. 2018
Mid-Atlantic forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework project Butler-Leopold, Patricia R.; Iverson, Louis R.; Thompson, Frank R.; Brandt, Leslie A.; Handler, Stephen D.; Janowiak, Maria K.; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Christopher W.; Bearer, Scott ; Bryan, Alexander M.; Clark, Kenneth L.; Czarnecki, Greg ; DeSenze, Philip ; Dijak, William D.; Fraser, Jacob S.; Gugger, Paul F.; Hille, Andrea ; Hynicka, Justin ; Jantz, Claire A.; Kelly, Matthew C.; Krause, Katrina M.; La Puma, Inga Parker; Landau, Deborah ; Lathrop, Richard G.; Leites, Laura P.; Madlinger, Evan ; Matthews, Stephen N.; Ozbay, Gulnihal ; Peters, Matthew P.; Prasad, Anantha ; Schmit, David A.; Shephard, Collin ; Shirer, Rebecca ; Skowronski, Nicholas S.; Steele, Al ; Stout, Susan ; Thomas-Van Gundy, Melissa ; Thompson, John ; Turcotte, Richard M.; Weinstein, David A.; Yáñez, Alfonso 2018

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