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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Fear and fascination: Use and perceptions of New York City’s forests, wetlands, and landscaped park areas Sonti, Nancy Falxa; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; Johnson, Michelle L.; Novem Auyeung, D.S. 2020
Predator preferences shape the diets of arthropodivorous bats more than quantitative local prey abundance Wray, Amy K.; Peery, M. Zachariah; Jusino, Michelle A.; Kochanski, Jade M.; Banik, Mark T.; Palmer, Jonathan M.; Lindner, Daniel L.; Gratton, Claudio 2020
Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional composition and homogenization of residential yard vegetation with contrasting management Padullés Cubino, Josep ; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine ; Groffman, Peter M.; Avolio, Meghan L.; Bratt, Anika R.; Hall, Sharon J.; Larson, Kelli L.; Lerman, Susannah B.; Narango, Desiree L.; Neill, Christopher ; Trammell, Tara L.E.; Wheeler, Megan M.; Hobbie, Sarah E. 2020
Assessing preferences for growth on the rural-urban fringe using a stated choice analysis Foelske, Lorraine ; van Riper, Carena J.; Stewart, William ; Ando, Amy ; Gobster, Paul ; Hunt, Len 2019
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Approaches for Outdoor Recreation O'Toole, Daniel ; Brandt, Leslie A.; Janowiak, Maria K.; Schmitt, Kristen M.; Shannon, P. Danielle; Leopold, Patricia R.; Handler, Stephen D.; Ontl, Todd A.; Swanston, Christopher W. 2019
Influence of bait type on capture success of Clemmys guttata and Chrysemys picta using small hoop nets in shallow wetlands ¿Oxenrider, Kevin J.; Heres, Berlynna M.; Brown, Donald J. 2019
Optimizing surveillance strategies for early detection of invasive alien species Yemshanov, Denys ; Haight, Robert G.; Koch, Frank H.; Venette, Robert C.; Swystun, Tom ; Fournier, Ronald E.; Marcotte, Mireille ; Chen, Yongguang ; Turgeon, Jean J. 2019
Population Changes, Weather, and Congestion: Exploring Declines in Use of Chicago's Elevated Trail Lindsey, Greg ; Qi, Yunlei ; Gobster, Paul ; Sachdeva, Sonya 2019
The 606 at three: Trends in use of Chicago's elevated Rail-Trail Lindsey, Greg ; Qi, Yunlei ; Gobster, Paul H.; Sachdeva, Sonya 2019
Trade-offs relating to grassland and forest mine reclamation approaches in the central Appalachian region and implications for the songbird community Margenau, Eric L.; Wood, Petra B.; Weakland, Cathy A.; Brown, Donald J. 2019

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