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Can targeted browsing be a useful surrogate for prescribed burning? Beebe, Gina ; Pile, Lauren S.; Stambaugh, Michael ; Davidson, Brian ; Dey, Daniel C. 2021
Effects of thinning and prescribed fire frequency on ground flora in mixed Pinus-hardwood stands Barefoot, Carson R.; Willson, Kevin G.; Hart, Justin L.; Schweitzer, Callie J.; Dey, Daniel C. 2019
Successful hard pine regeneration and survival through repeated burning: An applied historical ecology approach Stambaugh, Michael C.; Marschall, Joseph M.; Abadir, Erin R.; Jones, Benjamin C.; Brose, Patrick H.; Dey, Daniel C.; Guyette, Richard P. 2019
How can prescribed burning and harvesting restore shortleaf pine-oak woodland at the landscape scale in central United States? Modeling joint effects of harvest and fire regimes Jin, Wenchi; He, Hong S.; Shifley, Stephen R.; Wang, Wen J.; Kabrick, John M.; Davidson, Brian K. 2018
Laboratory experiments to estimate interception of infrared radiation by tree canopies Mathews, Bill J.; Strand, Eva K.; Smith, Alistair M. S.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Dickinson, Matthew B.; Kremens, Robert L. 2016
The outlook for northern forests Shifley, Stephen R.; Moser, W. Keith; Wormstead, Sherri; Aguilar, Francisco X. 2016
Clarifying the role of fire in the deciduous forests of eastern North America: reply to Matlack Stambaugh, Michael C.; Varner, J. Morgan; Noss, Reed F.; Dey, Daniel C.; Christensen, Norman L.; Baldwin, Robert F.; Guyette, Richard P.; Hanberry, Brice B.; Harper, Craig A.; Lindblom, Sam G.; Waldrop, Thomas A. 2015
Challenges and opportunities for animal conservation from renewable energy development Katzner, T.A.; Johnson, J.A.; Evans, D.M.; Garner, T.W.J.; Gompper, M.E.; Altwegg, R.; Branch, T.A.; Gordon, I.J.; Pettorelli, N. 2013
Post-harvest prescribed burning of oak stands: an alternative to the shelterwood-burn technique? Brose, Patrick H. 2013
The history of human disturbance in forest ecosystems of southern Indiana Jenkins, Michael A. 2013

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