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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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The critical loads and levels approach for nitrogen Clair, T.A.; Blett, T.; Aherne, J.; Aidar, M.P.M.; Artz, R.; Bealey, W.J.; Budd, W.; Cape, J.N.; Curtis, C.J.; Duan, L.; Fenn, M.E.; Groffman, P.; Haeuber, R.; Hall, J.R.; Hettelingh, J.-P.; López-Hernández, D.; Mathieson, B.; Pardo, L.; Posch, M.; Pouyat, R.V.; Spranger, T.; Sverdrup, H.; van Dobben, H.; van Hinsberg, A. 2014
Estimated losses of plant biodiversity across the United States from historical N deposition (1985-2010) Clark, Christopher M.; Morefield, Philip E.; Gilliam, Frank S.; Pardo, Linda H. 2013
Global assessment of nitrogen deposition effects on terrestrial plant diversity: a synthesis Bobbink, R.; Hicks, K.; Galloway, J.; Spranger, T.; Alkemade, R.; Ashmore, M.; Bustamante, M.; Cinderby, S.; Davidson, E.; Dentener, F.; Emmett, B.; Erisman, J.-W.; Fenn, M.; Gilliam, F.; Nordin, A.; Pardo, L.; De Vries, W. 2010
Forest Service R&D — Invasive Insects: Visions for the Future Klepzig, Kier D.; Poland, Therese M.; Gillette, Nancy E.; Haack, Robert A.; Keena, Melody A.; Miller, Daniel R.; Montgomery, Michael E.; Seybold, Steven J.; Tobin, Patrick C. 2009
Airline Baggage as a Pathway for Alien Insect Species Invading the United States Liebhold, Andrew M.; Work, Timothy T.; McCullough, Deborah G.; Cavey, Joseph F.; Cavey, Joseph F. 2006
Diurnal centroid of ecosystem energy and carbon fluxes at FLUXNET sites Wilson, Kell B.; Baldocchi, Dennis; Falge, Eva; Aubinet, Marc; Berbigier, Paul; Bernhofer, Christian; Dolman, Han; Field, Chris; Goldstein, Allen; Granier, Andre; Hollinger, Dave; Katul, Gabriel; Law, B.E.; Meyers, Tilden; Moncrieff, John; Monson, Russ; Tenhunen, John; Valentini, Riccardo; Verma, Shashi; Wofsy, Steve 2003
Responses of amphibians to fire disturbance in Pacific Northwest forests: a review Bury, R. Bruce; Major, Donald J.; Pilliod, David 2002
The San Dimas experimental forest: 50 years of research Dunn, Paul H.; Barro, Susan C.; Wells, Wade G.; Poth, Mark A; Wohlgemuth, Peter M.; Colver, Charles G. 1988

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